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HIDE Skimmer Lids are designed for quick installation by a contractor. Each HIDE kit contains all the components for a no-fuss install.

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HIDE Lid and Key & HIDE Recess frame kit


All HIDE lids can only be accessed with the Safety Key, so they are 100% pool safety compliant with AU standards.
Peace of mind for homeowners, plus legally protects contractors.


Other skimmer lid options can be awkward to manoeuvre, hard to remove, or both. In comparison, HIDE covers are compact, and super easy to remove.
After care is also a breeze, at little-to-no time or cost.


Marine grade, 316 stainless steel components means a durable, longlasting product with a warranty. The steel frames also protect the inlay materials + landscaping surrounds from breaking,


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Installing a new pool or renovating an existing pool? Don't use one of those plastic skimmer box lids. Purchase one of our HIDE Stainless Steel Skimmer Lid & Recess Frame kits, for a pool surround that will stand out from the rest. Different sizes available to suit your tile/paver.


The HIDE Lid suits any tile/stone  or surface finish around the pool side. Simply select the lid to suit the thickness of your surround. Cut down your material  to 330mm square, slot for lifting key and glue in flush to the top of side wall.  Comes in different depths to suit thinner or thicker tiles or stones,  10mm (10-12mm tile), 20mm stone/tile/timber, 30mm stone, 40mm paver.

HIDE Skimmer Dimensions

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You are purchasing a blank HIDE skimmer lid with Key, Edge Protector, Tile Adhesive & Height Adjuster. 
You can now easily cut a slot in a tile with a grinder with a diamond blade for tiles. 

Tile cut-out

HIDE offers a flush finished, paving matched surface with minimal clearances so the lid virtually disappears. This ensures that the lid doesn’t detract from the pool’s good looks. The HIDE comprises a marine grade 316 stainless steel tray that has a paving matched stone infill. The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping and cracking. This means less call backs for the pool builders from clients with broken skimmer lids.

Pool builders can no longer cut a lid from a stone tile and drill a hole in it and keep their fingers crossed. These old style lids are not heavy enough to be child proof and a core drilled hole is easy for a child to access.

Before After Shot


If a pool builder supplies a non-compliant lid, they leave themselves open to a law suit from the pool’s owner in the event of an accident.

The Australian Standard states that lids must be child-proof (greater than 10.2 kg’s or lockable) and ventilated (opening greater than 315mm2). This change to the Australian Standard was in response to some serious and in some cases fatal accidents that resulted from lids children had opened.

The heavy duty marine grade 316 stainless steel key allows easy, controlled removal of the lid. This keyed access meets the Australian Standards required for skimmer box lid certification. The keyway also doubles up to provide adequate ventilation in line with AS 1926.3, yet is not a trip hazard.

The HIDE Edge Protector (EP) adds structure and extra protection to the HIDE Skimmer Lid installation. The Edge Protector is inserted or placed in to the tiles around the top of the skimmer box (this allows the coping tiles to be laid up to a solid stainless steel edge, flush to the top of the surface).

We are offering the HIDE Skimmer Lid and Key kit suitable for inlay depths of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm deep. The HIDE Edge Protector is included with all lid kit depths.


If the HIDE lid were to knock or be dropped on the recess opening, the stainless steel frame will protect the surrounding tile edges from excessive chipping and cracking.

Skimmer lid before photo

Skimmer lid after shot

The Edge Protector also allows early provision for a HIDE lid set out, as it acts as a template in the initial stages of the set up with quick and easy leveling by the Tiler. This allows the HIDE lid to fit straight into the completed tiling project. Once the tiling is complete, you can drop the lid straight into the frame for that perfect finish.

The frame protects the surrounding tiles from chipping.
The HIDE Edge Protector is included in each HIDE Skimmer Lid kit, the result is an easier to use, more durable, long term solution to a neat, strong, flush, finish skimmer lid.

The HIDE EP is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel. The external dimension of the frame is 342mm x 342mm. The finished depth of the recessed frame angle is 8mm deeper than the selected HIDE lid refer to chart for all specifications.

HIDE Skimmer Lid kits are also available for 300mm x 300mm tiles. Please inquire.


The internal depth of the frame matches the external depth of the lid so both the lid and frames top exposed rim, finish flush with each other.


Concrete Inlay Hide kits, now come in various sizes but all are 40mm deep. These kits come with 2 keys due to the extra weight.

The HIDE Concrete Skimmer Lid and specially designed Edge Protector, provide the perfect reinforcement for a wet-pour concrete.
The HIDE Concrete kit allows the inlay to be filled and finished at the same time as the pool surrounds. This ensures the skimmer lid perfectly matches the selected surface finish in both texture and colour.
If you are wanting to finish your pool surrounds in a decorative concrete, this is the product for you!

Hide Concrete kits are used for Skimmer lids or access covers and come in the following sizes that can be selected from the drop-down lists above...

Hide concrete finish
Hide Concrete kit dimensions

You may also be interested in our hidden Drain covers too. 

It’s a good idea to regularly open your HIDE product and check for and remove any leaf-litter or debris which may have gathered inside the HIDE Edge Protector.  If not removed, the debris may cause the HIDE lid to become loose or to sit unevenly.

Check regularly to ensure the HIDE product is fitting well, and is sitting evenly in its recessed area.


Occasionally you might notice some cosmetic discolouration on the stainless steel components of the HIDE product, often known as “tea-staining”. Although HIDE lids are made of marine grade 316 stainless steel, within water environments it’s normal for visible surface rusting to occur. The issue, if treated whenever noticed, will not affect the structural performance of the HIDE product.

Typically the tea-staining will form on the underside of the HIDE lid where residues and salt deposits gather. To clean, all you need is a stainless steel scourer, soapy water and a little elbow grease. Just be sure to use the scourer parallel to the grain direction of the HIDE lid. Rinse thoroughly when done.

Please be aware that if the surface staining is allowed to build up over time, possible rust bleeding may leach onto the HIDE lid inlay or surrounding paving.  This is not a fault of the lid and is completely avoidable with occasional cleaning.  If allowed to occur over a prolonged period, the leaching may not be able to be removed.

Please note that rain washing is not sufficient in most applications.


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Top quality product

By: David B on 14 September 2020
I was doing a bit of a refurb on the paving around my pool and decided to change out the plastic lids on my skimmer and debris basket to these Hide lids. What a difference - really nicely made top quality product. Extremely happy with function and they look fantastic - a big improvement to my pool deck.

Hidden Safety Skimmer Lid Kit

By: Brenton Rosenzweig on 19 November 2018
High quality kit that was well packaged. Exceeded expectations

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