Iron Stain Remover 1 Kg


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LoChlor Iron Stain Remover

Active constituent: 995g/Kg Organic Acids & Chelating Agents

High strength formulation specially designed to remove BROWN IRON STAINS from swimming pool surfaces.

Lo-Chlor IRON STAIN REMOVER contains a special acid blend and has been specifically developed to remove BROWN IRON STAINS from swimming pool surfaces.


Allow Free Chlorine level to fall below 0.5 PPM by switching off the Salt Chlorinator or using Lo-Chlor CHLORINE REMOVER.
Adjust pH to 7.2 to 7.6.
Add 1 Kg of Lo-Chlor IRON STAIN REMOVER per 50,000 litres pool water with pump and filter running.
Product may be sprinkled directly over stained area or evenly distributed around the pool.

CAUTION: When using in QUARTZON, COLOURED PEBBLE, COLOURED MARBLE, EXPOSED AGGREGATE finishes or PRINTED VINYL LINERS do not allow direct contact with the pool surface. In these cases it is recommended that you MIX IT IN A BUCKET OF WATER and DISPERSE AROUND THE POOL EVENLY.
Run pump and filter for a minimum of 24 hours then resume normal filtration.
Pool water must be re-balanced following use of Lo-Chlor IRON STAIN REMOVER


For less severe SPOT STAINING we recommend that you add a small amount of Lo-Chlor IRON STAIN REMOVER to a sock or stocking then attach to the end of a telepole and dangle close to but not directly touching the stain and see if this removes the stain. If no sign of improvement is shown after a few minutes, revert to procedure as above.



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