Test your pool or spa water at home with the Pool Ranger 4 in 1 test kit. This kit will asses your pool's chlorine, bromine, pH levels, acid demand and total alkalinity.

4 in 1 pool test kit inclusions:

  • pH Vial Scale tester
  • 2 x 10 DPD1 Tablets - Measures free chlorine levels
  • 30ml Solution 2 Reagent - Testing Pool pH levels
  • 30ml Solution 3 Acid Demand and Total Alkalinity - Testing pool alkalinity
  • 15ml Solution 4 Chlorine Neutraliser
  • 15ml Solution 5 Total Alkalinity
  • Instruction booklet
  • Testing case

All solutions are available for re-ordering separately.

Pool testing kit for Chlorine and Salt water pools:

Testing your pool water regularly will help you maintain the hygenie conditions of your swimming pool. This testing kit is suitable for both chlorine swimming pools along with salt water water pools.


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