The Daisy SQ pool cover rollers are designed for small to larger pools... The pool cover rollers have a squat profile and are as low to the ground as possible to reduce the visual impact of the roller. Electric & solar-powered options available.

Ideal for reducing the visual impact of a roller (or to build a structure around), the centre line of the SQ roller only stands 195mm off the ground

Daisy 5 Star SQ Roller details:

  • Size: up to 12m long x 4.6m wide pools
  • Height 382.5mm
  • Warranty:10 year pro-rata warranty.
  • Low profile
  • Stationary pool cover roller
  • Bonus: Free Over-cover to protect the pool cover from UV rays
  • Optional Extras: add solar or electric power to your pool cover roller
  • Comes with telescopic tubes suitable for pools up to 4.6m wide x up to 13m long
  • 2.5m tube assemblies with pre-drilled & marked for standard tube sizes
  • Easy install with stainless screws.

SQ pool roller dimensions

Power your pool cover roller

An option for this model rolleris a battery-operated electric roller add on kit with AC charger, two remotes and control buttons on the cast-aluminium housing, mounted on the end frame.

The simple electric option allows pool owners to roll up their cover in minutes with the press of a button. Daisy Power also has a disengaging mechanism that allows for freewheeling rollout and roll-up of the cover.

Optional extras for the electric pool cover include a solar panel battery charger kit that clamps to the end frame and comes with an aligning aid. Also available is a PV post to mount the panel away from the roller frame. Select these items if required from the drop down list.

Download the mounting instructions here...

Daisy Power Roller Kit

These rollers can also be fitted with the Daisy Pool Roller End Mount (EM235 - see below). This is used where the end of the roller needs to be wall mounted due to insufficient space. Roller will come with the EM235, and no wheel at one end.

Roller wall mount

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