Get on top of a Green Algae outbreak with Algon Algae Killer. This product's formulation is designed to control green algae and is also suitable for general algae prevention.

Algae Killer is also an effective treatment for mild black algae

Algon AlgaeKiller 1 litre details

  • Size: 1 litre
  • Best for the prevention and management of green algae
  • Use for general algae control
  • Contains 28 gm/litre complex blend of copper salts. Plus 20 gm/litre Benzyl ammonium Chloride.

How to get the most out of Algon Algae Killer

  1. Check the Ph of the water and adjust to between 7.2 & 7.6.
  2. Maintain a good chlorine level.
  3. Brush any heavily affected areas with a stiff brush.
  4. Walk around your pool pouring ALGAE KILLER into the water
    with your filter running.

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