Algon Floc will restore clarity to the murkiest pool water. This floc is a perfect alternative to Aluminium sulphate powder, making it an easy-to-use formula with amazing results.

Algon Floc details

  • Size: 1L
  • Powerful flocculant for muddy and cloudy pools.
  • A Poly Aluminium Sulphate in liquid for ease of use and good results.
  • Active constituant: 400g/L Polyaluminium Chloride.

How to use Algon Floc

  • Dosage:1Lsuits 50,000L
  • Set filter to re-circulate. If the setting is not available, remove the filter cartridge or grids.
  • Calculate the volume of Floc from the table shown and mix in a plastic bucket.
  • Adjust Ph to between 7.2 & 7.6.
  • Add the diluted Floc to pool water by spreading it as much as possible.
  • Run the pump for about an hour.
  • Leave pool with pump off and let Floc do the rest.
  • When the residue has settled (approx 5-6 hours) vacuum to waste.
  • Reset settings on the filter or replace cartridge or grids and resume normal filtration.

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