A strong copper-based algaecide, to help clear mustard algae, black spots, and green pools.

Powerful copper-based algaecide

Hotzone contains 47.6 gm/litre complex blend of copper salts plus Benzyl Ammonium Chloride. Designed for warmer climates and heated pools. Help clear up green pools, and get rid of mustard and black spot. 1 litre of Hotzone suits 50,000-litre pools.

Algon Hotzone Algaecide 1 litre details

  • Size 1 Litre
  • Check the pH of the water and adjust to being between 7.2 & 7.6
  • Maintain a good Chlorine level.
  • Brushing with a stiff brush will help especially with stubborn Black Spot.
  • Walk around your pool pouring Hotzone into the water with the pump running
  • Hotzone will greatly reduce your chlorine requirements

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