Aquaquip QC QuattroQuad ColourLED Pool Light Kit for existing pools. Featuring bright and vivid colours of white, blue, aqua and green. Simply switch off/on to move between these colours.

Brilliant LED pool lighting

This amazing new light offers four distinct colours - mirroring the tones of the Mediterranean and adding that seaside appeal to Al Fresco areas.

A simple switching system that allows you to hop between Cool White, Blue, Aqua and Green will ensure this product will highlight anypool above your expectations. All you need to do is switch the light off/on to move between these colours.

  • New high intensity LED replacement light kits.
  • Available for 32/24/12 volt transformers
  • These lights can really make your pool come to life!
  • Comes with a special adapter bracket
  • Can replace most brands of pool lights
  • Australian Made
  • Comes with an underwater cable joining kit.

Surface mounted Retro-Fit Lights allow you to substitute most brands by upgrading to Aqua-Quip. Full installation instructions are supplied with each pool light. Put simply: Cut the cable of the old pool light, screw the Aqua-Quip Universal Bracket on top of existing wall ring, join the Aqua-Quip light to the existing cable using the supplied crimping lugs, tube and clamps and then screw the light to the Universal Bracket.

Download the brochure here...

Download the installations instructions...

Aqua-Quip Surface Mounted Retro Fit Lights are able to convert the following brands in concrete pools:

Here are some replacement photos for easy ID:

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