Discover the power and efficiency of the Zodiac AX20 ACTIV Pool Cleaner, equipped with cutting-edge features to ensure a pristine pool every time. With its new generation engine, this pool cleaner is designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. Let's explore the key features that make the AX20 ACTIV the ideal choice for maintaining your pool.

Elevate your pool cleaning routine with the Zodiac AX20 ACTIV Pool Cleaner. Its innovative features, such as the new generation engine, improved caterpillar tyres, dual active scrubbers, and 360-degree rotation, ensure unparalleled cleaning performance. Enjoy a pristine pool all season long with the AX20 ACTIV by your side.

Zodiac AX20 Activ Mechanical Suction Pool Cleaner

  • Cleans floors and walls
  • Hose length: 12 x 1m Twist and Lock hose
  • New improved engine design to capture long stringy debris to sand
  • New design tracks with inner groove and track-guard ensure strong traction when climbing walls
  • Powerful suction capability
  • Dual scrubbers make short work of debris and algae
  • Suitable for most in-ground pools up to 12m x 6m
  • Cleans both floor and walls
  • Suitable for concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, vinyl surfaces
  • Best suited for small and medium debris with convertible debris inlet
  • Max-Drive Navigation 360¬∞ and a wide cleaning path of 35cm ensure maximum pool coverage.
  • Convertible debris inlet is adjustable to cope with small and large debris
  • X-drive navigation
  • Installation : The the skimmer box with AD flow valve

Packaging Content:

  • 1 x Zodiac AX20 ACTIV head
  • 12 x 1m Zodiac long life Twist & LockTM hose section
  • 1 x AD flow valve
  • 1 x Universal weir cuff
  • 1 x Hose float
  • 1 x Flow Regulator Valve
  • 1 x 90-degree elbow
  • 1 x Quick Start guide
  • 1 x Warranty card

New Generation Engine: Our patented engine design has been upgraded to deliver unmatched performance. It effortlessly picks up both stringy and fine debris, including troublesome substances like sand. Say goodbye to a dirty pool and hello to crystal-clear water.

Improved Caterpillar Tyres: The AX20 ACTIV is equipped with new and improved caterpillar tyres featuring inner grooves and a track-guard system. These enhancements provide exceptional manoeuvrability on all pool surfaces, allowing the cleaner to effortlessly climb walls and navigate tight corners without the tracks ever slipping off.

Dual Active Scrubbers: For a deeper clean, the AX20 ACTIV boasts dual active cyclonic scrubbers. Their unique cyclonic scrubbing action effectively tackles fine, stuck-on debris, ensuring your pool is free from any lingering dirt.

360-Degree Rotation: With Max-Drive Navigation 360° and a wide cleaning path of 35cm, the AX20 ACTIV guarantees maximum pool coverage. It leaves no spot untouched, effortlessly reaching every nook and cranny of your pool.

Changeable Debris Collector Inlet: Our convertible debris inlet is adjustable to accommodate both small and large debris. No matter the size of the mess, the AX20 ACTIV is up to the task, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Superior Cleaning Technology: The AX20 ACTIV's patented new engine design is engineered to handle a wide range of debris, from sand and small particles to long, stringy dirt. With its powerful suction capability and dual scrubbers, this cleaner effortlessly eliminates debris and algae, leaving your pool pristine and inviting.

Versatile Pool Compatibility: Designed for most in-ground pools up to 12m x 6m, the AX20 ACTIV is suitable for various surfaces, including concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, and vinyl. No matter what type of pool you have, the AX20 ACTIV is ready to provide exceptional cleaning performance.



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