Replacement CPSC Compuchlor or Compupool cells.

CPSC16 cell has 4 plates

CPSC24 cell has 5 plates

CPSC36 cell has 7 plates

Information here on how to turn off chip reader:

Our cells do not come with the ID chip, (neither do the genuine cells anymore) so you may need to turn off this feature....

CELL ID - 196F34 OR C339A6

Turn off power at the source (unit must be on when powered off at source)
Hold ‚Superchlor‚ and ‚Winter Mode‚ buttons simultaneously and turn power on, continuing to hold for ten seconds

‚Maintenance Menu‚ should appear on the screen.

Press ‚Select‚ to cycle through the options until you see CELL ID
Put in code 196F34 or C339A6

You should see the display change from CEL ID ON to CELL ID OFF.
If this does not occur, try the other code provided.

Press ‚Select‚ until the unit displays ‚turn off unit‚
Turn off at source, wait 30 seconds, then turn unit on

There is a little black cursor bar under the first number in the CELL ID section.
To move the cursor, use the left or right arrow keys. To change a number, use the up or down arrow keys.
If the code is already in the CELL ID option, change the code to all zeros.

Important Note:Ensure your cell cable is in good condition. Dirty or loose connections can void your warranty. Please inquire if you are in need of a new cable.



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