Enhance the beauty of your pool while enjoying exceptional functionality with the 350i Illusion Solar Pool Cover. This innovative cover is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural colour of your pool, creating an illusion of an uncovered pool while delivering the benefits of advanced pool cover technology. Featuring Daisy's renowned UltraDome™ technology, the 350i Illusion provides superior performance, saving 97% of water evaporation, and reducing chemical use, money, and time.

The 350i Illusion is the perfect choice for pool owners who want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their pool without compromising on efficiency and sustainability.

Daisy 350i Illusion Solar Pool Cover details:

  • Sold per m2
  • Colour: Clear
  • Enter your Pool cover dimensions
  • 350 micron
  • Current production time: 2 weeks
  • Natural Pool Aesthetic

    • The 350i Illusion Solar Pool Cover takes on the natural colour of your pool, maintaining the visual appeal of an uncovered pool while providing essential protection and benefits.

    2. UltraDome™ Technology

    • Equipped with Daisy’s innovative UltraDome™ technology, this cover ensures maximum durability and insulation, effectively preventing heat loss and evaporation.

    3. Water Savings

    • Save 97% of water evaporation, conserving up to 10,000 liters of water per month. This significant water saving makes the 350i Illusion an eco-friendly choice for any pool owner.

    4. Chemical Savings

    • Reduce your pool's chemical usage by up to 50%, making pool maintenance easier and more cost-effective. The cover helps maintain the chemical balance of your pool water, resulting in fewer adjustments and treatments needed.

    5. Cost Efficiency

    • By minimising water evaporation and chemical usage, the 350i Illusion helps you save money on pool maintenance and operation costs.

    6. Ease of Use

    • The cover rolls off and on in just 30 seconds, providing convenience and encouraging frequent use to maximize benefits.

    7. Cleaning Efficiency

    • The 350i Illusion helps keep out dirt and leaves, reducing the time and effort needed to clean your pool.

    8. Proudly Australian Made

    • Manufactured locally with the highest standards of quality and innovation, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product.

Upgrade to the 350i Illusion Solar Pool Cover today and enjoy a beautifully maintained pool that saves you water, chemicals, and money, all while preserving the natural look of your pool.

4yr Pro-Rata Warranty
Proudly Australian Made
Reduce Chemicals by up to 50%
Warm your pool by up to 8°C
Save up to 10,000L water / month

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