Are you ready to experience a revolution in pool filtration and maintenance? Look no further than the Davey ProMaster Premium VSD400 Pool Pump, now equipped with cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology. This innovative pool pump is the ultimate solution for pool owners seeking high efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and unrivalled control over their pool's performance. Here's why you should make the ProMaster your pool's new best friend:

Davey Promaster VSD400 Premium Variable Speed Drive Pool Pump features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Control and adjust pump settings via iOS or Android smartphone app.
  • Noise Level: Super quiet operation rated down to 50dBa.
  • Variable Speed Control: Adjustable speed from 1,050rpm to 3,100rpm for precise performance.
  • Boost Cycling: Programmable boost cycling for enhanced surface skimming and cleaning.
  • Constant Flow/Speed Compensation: Overcomes friction losses and saves on energy costs.
  • Leaf Basket Capacity: Large 4.5-liter leaf basket for extended intervals between cleaning.
  • Connectivity: Weatherproof RJ45 communication port for external pool controllers, heaters, or pumps.
  • Backwash Technology: Schedule-selectable backwash cycle with auto shut-off for efficient filter cleaning.
  • Safety Features: Double insulated to water circuit standards with Equipotential Bonding Point.
  • Motor Cooling: High-performance water-cooled motor for efficient, year-round use.
  • Drain Plug: Enables quick casing draining for easy maintenance.

Pool Pump Specifications:

  • Pool Size: Suitable for pools up to 140,000 litres in capacity.
  • Voltage: 220-240 VAC (Volts Alternating Current).
  • Supply Frequency: 50/60 Hz (Hertz).
  • Max Input Power:
    • 126W / 0.17hp @ Dial 1
    • 728W / 0.97hp @ Dial 5
    • 1,639W / 2.19hp @ Dial 10
  • Backwash: Variable (varies).
  • Motor Speed: Adjustable from 1,050 to 3,100 rpm (Revolutions Per Minute).
  • Backwash Speed: Variable speed.
  • Enclosure Class (IP): IP45 (Ingress Protection rating).
  • Insulation Class: F (Electrical insulation class).
  • Power Lead Length: 3 meters.
  • Approval Number: SGS-150025-EA.
  • Operating Limits:
    • Maximum Water Temperature: 40°C (Degrees Celsius).
    • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 50°C (Degrees Celsius).

The Davey ProMaster Premium VSD400 Pool Pump is designed to provide efficient and flexible performance for a wide range of pool sizes and conditions, with adjustable settings to meet your specific needs.



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