The EVO Heat Jox is a handy addition that allows the heat pump to turn the main water pump on outside of filtration times. Saving time, energy and money

  • East to use
  • Save money on running costs
  • Set and forget
  • No water balance issues
  • Only requires one water pump
  • friendly to the environment and to your pocket

Why buy the Evo HeatJBox? Its simple - to save on energy costs and reduce purchase costs. It is incredibly expensive to buy both a filter pump and a heater pump, so why not combine the costs? Doing so will save you money & reduce your running costs. Simple to run and affordable for its entire lifetime the EvoHeat JBox makes complete sense!

The JBox allows either the heater OR the chlorinator to supply power to turn the water pump on so each device can run independently of the other. Conversely, the JBox allows both the chlorinator and heater to be running at the same time.

Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • One pump for two jobs: Save on the purchase and running costs.
  • Enormous energy savings: Save up to $1,000 per year on electricity. *Energy savings will depend on comparison with your current heating system, and operational settings i.e. how you use the heating system.
  • Set it and forget it: Year-round chlorination and heating for your pool, with no ongoing monitoring required.
  • Chlorination issues are gone: Standard chlorination settings mean that there no pH or chemical imbalances in the pool.
  • Simple installation: Get an electrician to hard-wire the JBox to your heater. The rest is plug-and-play

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