Our filter socks stretch and will fit all swimmer baskets.

An example of how the filter sox can prevent rubbish entering your pump and filter.

Habco filter or skimmer sox. One size suits all skimmer baskets. They stretch to fit large skimmer baskets. 5 Filter bags included.


To Install: Caution:
  1. Disposable filter sock fit inside any pool leaf basket. Simply stretch top over the rim or the leaf basket.
  2. Add a weight to stop basket floating when pump is not operating (small stone or similar)
  3. Check and replace the filter sock in the leaf basket, as rubbish accumulates especially when vacuuming
  1. Remove filter sox prior to adding diatomaceous earth (DE) or similar media.
  2. Should filter sox be torn or holed, replace immediately to stop rubbish build up in the filter.


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