Iluka Eliminate is a chlorine free shock treatment that assists ILUKA purify and your spa filter by removing contaminants from your spa or hot tub making sanitation and filtration much more efficient.

It is very fast acting, and a spa or hot tub may be used only 15 minutes after dosing.
Oxidising your spa or hot tub destroys odours and wastes that are missed during sanitation, increases bather comfort and restores sparkle to the water.

ILUKA eliminate will:

  • Both reduce and eliminate combined chlorine levels
  • Oxidise organic contaminants
  • Increase sanitiser efficacy when used regularly
  • Create extra sparkle

A monthly maintenance dose of 50gm of ILUKA elimination should be added for every 1,000 litres of water or as required (dependent upon water condition).
Also, whenever you experience a heavy bather load, an additional maintenance dose is always recommended.

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