Get rid of bugs and those annoying row boat insects from your swimming pool.

Eliminates Insects From Pool Water Surface

Benefits of this item

  • A unique non-foaming formulation
  • Reduces the surface tension of pool water, completely ridding the pool surface of floating insects
  • With reduced surface tension insects cannot float and they sink to the bottom of the pool where they are filtered or vacuumed away.

How to Use this product

  • For best results, add as close as possible to the problem area of the pool.
  • Repeat the application if necessary.
  • Do not add to the skimmer basket.
  • Insects sink to the base of the pool. Filter or vacuum to waste.


1L treats 50,000L pool water

Important fact...

Where funnel web spiders are present use Lo-Chlor No More Bugs to end their survival in your swimming pool.

Lo-Chlor No More Bugs breaks the surface tension of the water

Once the tension is broken the funnel web spider is unable to create the bubble of air that enables it to survive underwater.

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