Madimack InverFlow Ultra 500 VS Pool Pump is powered by Madimack’s InverMAC Technology delivering outstanding performance and efficiency.
14 times more efficient than a traditional single-speed-pump, this outstanding product delivers on every level.
The operational benefits of this finely engineered pool pump is a high-flow to pressure ratio, allowing for greater installation options. This pump delivers outstanding flow even in the toughest of pool conditions.

Features an impressive 6 Energy Star rating.


  • Power: 2HP
  • Advised Pool Volume (m³): 50-80
  • Flow rate @ 8m: 480 L/m
  • Max running amps: 6.1
  • Qmax (L/min) 483

Madimack InverFlow Ultra 500 VS Pool Pump features:

  • Auto Inverter Mode: After setting the flow rate, the pump can adjust he running capacity to reach the set flow
  • Full inverter technology: Allows for precision control of the speed pump, with running capacity adjustments between 30-100%
  • Intuitive Touch Controller with wifi control, AI/MI mode, Active Energy Monitor
  • Active energy monitr: Very real tme energy savings
  • DV Brushless motor: DC brushless motor delivers an almost silent experience with optimised efficiencies and durability
  • AI/MI mode optional
  • Flow reading
  • Power Consumption reading
  • Adaptive Flow Technology: Intuitively adjusted flow rates to match capacity needs, providing significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear
  • No-flow protection: Intuitive product protection
  • Wi-Fi: can be controlled at any time, anywhere
  • Warranty: 4 years



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