LoChlorMiraclear Cube provides a concentrated clarifier in the easiness of a cube, suitable for all known filters. This pool clarifier lasts up to 30 days, leaving your pool sparkling clear

The powerful formulation now includes an active phosphate remover, eliminating the food that algae feeds on.

Lochlor Miraclear Cube Details:

  • Size: 50g
  • A Super Concentrated gel cube now with an added phosphate remover,that will last up to 30 days.
  • Can be used with all known filters.
  • Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.
  • No Spills, No Mess, No Measuring.
  • Removes stain-causing metals and undissolved particles.
  • Does Not affect water chemistry.

How to use Miraclear Cube

  • Dosage:50Gcube treats up to 120,000 Litres
  • Just drop in pump basket; dissolves within a 24 hours pump run time.

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