Nature2 Spa Sticks is a natural water treatment system for your spa. Each stick is filled with ceramic beads impregnated with silver and zinc minerals. These minerals kill bacteria and fight algae as water passes through the sticks.

Nature2 Spa Sticks benefits:

  • Nature 2 Spa sticks last four months
  • Makes spas easy to manage, halogen-free
  • Improves performance of ozone-equipped spas
  • Assures a healthy, safe, odour-free spa
  • Significantly improves look & feels water
  • Simplifies water balance-it's unaffected by heat
  • 9 out of 10 spa users prefer Nature2 over their old method

How to use theNature2 Spa Sticks Mineral Purifier

  1. Start-Up: Before using a new Nature2Spa, clean debris and algae out of the spa and spa equipment. Do not install the new Nature2Spa until the spa water is clean and chemically balanced.

  2. Balance the Water: Balance spa water before installing Nature2Spa. The parameters to check are:

    • pH Range: 7.2-7.6
    • Calcium Hardness Range: 200-400 ppm
    • Total Alkalinity Range: 80-120 ppm
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 300-2000 ppm
  3. Install the Nature2Spa:

    • Drain and refill your spa. Balance the water per spa manufacturer guidelines.
    • Install the Nature2Spa after water is balanced.
    • Superoxidize the spa water with an approved source of chlorine according to manufacturer's instructions to burn off contaminants and activate cartridge. Add 1.5 tablespoons of dichlor to spa per 1000 litres. Do not enter the spa if the free available chlorine residual is over 5 ppm.
    • Run spa according to recommendations supplied to you by the manufacturer of your spa.
  4. Assembly and Installation Diagrams: The Nature2Spa comes in three parts; the main body and two support stems. Connect the support stems together and press onto the main body to create a single device. Slide the entire device into the core of your existing spa filter cartridge. Position the device near the top half of the cartridge. When installed, the Nature2Spa must be at least 2.5 cm above the bottom of the filter to prevent blocking water flow.

  5. Spa Replacement Intervals: A cartridge lasts four (4) months. The cartridge should not be used longer than four (4) months. Use the month indicator decal to identify the date on which the cartridge should be replaced.

  6. Disposal: After four months of use, discard Nature2Spa in household trash. Do not save the cartridge for re-use. If the cartridge breaks, remove it and vacuum out any media introduced into the spa.

*** Please note as per picture two that the box design is changing, there is no change to the product, just the outer packaging.

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