Pool Blackspot Algaecide Remover is a concentrated treatment that works by removing blackspot algae in pebblecrete, white plaster & tiled pools. A first for Lo-Chlor offering a 90% Tri-Chlor granular black spot treatment

Lochlor Pool Blackspot Algaecide Remover details

  • Size: 1kg
  • Only to be used in pebblecrete, white plaster, and tiled pools.
  • Highly concentrated and nonmetallic.
  • Not affected by high levels of chlorine.
  • Low pH promotes better performance.
  • Kills black spot blue-green' algae.
  • Granules can be directed towards the affected area.
  • Dissolves slowly to stay in contact with the affected area longer.
  • Remember - always test for phosphates after the addition of a Lo-Chlor Algaecide.

How to use Lochlor Black Spot Remover

  • Dosage: 1Kg treats 50,000Lof pool water
  • Adjust pH to 7.2
  • Place product directly onto the affected area.
  • Wait 24 - 36 hours
  • Scrub with a wire brush if necessary. Dosage rates indicated are a guide only. Please refer to the label on the bottle for further instructions.
  • Scrub algae with algae brush first.
  • Remove all automatic pool cleaners prior to application.
  • Place Blackspot Treatment directly onto the black spots.
  • Wait 24-36 hours.
  • Scrub again with stainless steel brush if necessary.
  • Repeat process until algae is removed.

An algaecide should be used regularly, especially when you shock your pool. Always shock your pool first and allow the chlorine levels to come back to normal before adding algaecide.

Always read the instructions carefully, and add the correct amount of algaecide to different places around the pool while the pump is running.

For more information on using algaecide, and dealing with black spot and mustard algae, you might want to read the following blog articles:

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