POOL BLOCKS All Seasons Algicideare a unique highly effective long term treatment of five 300g slow-release tablets per 1.5 Kg container. In an average 50,000 litre pool, add two (2) blocks to the skimmer basket followed by just one (1) per calendar month to provide long term protection against all forms of algae.

This unique 'once a month' application provides a constant low level of protection and is an excellent 'first step' in your pool care with substantial savings on your chemical costs and minimal pump and filter running times. In larger pools of 75,000 litres, simply add three (3) blocks initially followed by one (1) block every three weeks thereafter, or in smaller pools the individual tablets may be halved.

Algaefree Pool Blocks Benefits:

  • Use to kill Blackspot and stubborn algae such as mustard and green algae
  • Eliminates algae from walls, grouting and steps
  • Reduces chlorine consumption
  • Slow-release tablet
  • Suitable for both salt and chlorine pools
  • Long-life algaecide for Summer and Winter
  • Restores clarity to your pool

Ionic Copper Salt Pool Algaecide

The active ingredient inPOOL BLOCKSis a natural trace element, an ionic copper salt which is chemically complexed to ensure the longest effective treatment period and to prevent reactions with pool chemicals.POOL BLOCKS also containsa blend of food-grade ingredients which make the formulation highly effective at very low concentrations.
If you follow the directions, the algicide is present at less than both theAustralian Standard for Private Swimming Pool Water Qualityand also the drinking water guidelines.

Algaecide for all types of pools

POOL BLOCKScontrol all types of green, mustard and blackspot algae in fibreglass, vinyl-lined, tiled, painted and pebblecrete swimming pools. Once all algae is eliminated, less chlorine is required to maintain recommended sanitiser levels as it is free to perform it's the principal task of killing bacteria.
This provides substantial chlorine savings in both summer and winter while still providing sparkling clear water.
POOL BLOCKSstore for years and only become active when dissolved in the pool water, keeping pools clean with less vacuuming, filtration and salt chlorinator running time which saves electricity and makes your pool maintenance a breeze.
The key toPOOL BLOCKSis theconstant low level of algae protection all year roundacting as a 'first line of defence' against algae problems that occur quickly in untreated pools. Chlorine is a short term treatment to kill bacteria and can be lost within hours, leaving the pool prone to algae growth without the protection of a long term algicide treatment. Research shows that a low level of free chlorine is most effective in combination with an algicide, rather than relying on chorine alone. For best results, maintain pH between 7.2 and 7.6, a simple task in fibreglass, vinyl lined and tiled pools where pool surface is neutral.
Active constituent: 64g/kg Copper. Present as Copper Sulphate.

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