Quick Fix Retainer and Track system is ideal for most new pools – particularly those that may be decked in future, making replacement liners much easier.

The simplest method is in conjunction with an overlap liner using EXTCAP Capping, but Quick Fix can also be used with a beaded above ground liner if preferred.

If using on an overlap (normal) style liner, the overhang is wrapped around the Capping, then pushed together to fasten into place. The liner can be adjusted up and down to suit the wall height, and no access to the back of the pool wall is required as the fastening of the liner is all done from inside the pool.

If using Quick Fix with a hung liner, the liner must be ordered specially with the welded bead ('A' style). It is important to ensure pool is measured carefully and the wall height is even around the pool, as there is no adjustment available either up or down, so the liner must fit perfectly. To install, the bead is simply pushed into the retainer, and the liner is locked into place.
Extra Notes:
* This product is not compatible with new Driclad Seabreeze Pools.

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