Do you think you might deck your new pool in?

Quick Fix above ground track and welded bead system is now available! It simply hangs over the pool wall, giving a better bead receiver. Once it is installed, there is no need to disassemble any part of the pool wall for future liner replacements, allowing liners to be replaced faster and easier - perfect for pools that have been decked in.

Decked in above ground pool

If you are planning a timber deck on your above ground pool, invest in 'Quick Fix' extrusion up front, to save you time and money (not to mention stress!) when it's time to replace your pool liner later on.

Timber decks surrounding an above ground pool look best when they completely cover the top coping - in the photo above you can see there is no plastic or metal top rails showing, and the pool looks spectacular with the beautiful texture of natural wood, to compliment the style of the house.

The downside of decking over your pool coping (with a standard fitting) - is that the liner is secured in place under the top rail - so in order to replace your liner, you need to remove the decking boards!

Decked above ground pool fitted with Quick-Fix However, when installed with Quick-Fix, a new liner can be fitted to the pool, without access to the top rail! Unique to ABGAL, Quick-Fix hangs over the top of the pool wall, and replacement pool liners can be snapped into place using an overlap style liner with capping, or a welded bead.

This saves you time and money, eliminating the extra cost of having to remove and replace sections of your beautiful decking!

Already decked your pool in?

If you've already decked your pool in, and haven't used Quick-Fix, unfortunately, you will have to remove parts of your deck to allow for access to the top rail. The good news is though, that as long as your pool wall panels and associated fittings are in good condition, once the top rail is exposed, you can install Quick-Fix now! Once it's installed, you can put your deck back into place and not have to worry about it again. It doesn't matter what brand your original liner was either - Quick-Fix is compatible with all above ground pool systems, and can replace any brand of above ground pool liner.

How much Quick-Fix do you need?

To work out how much you need, just measure the perimeter of the pool wall to get the number of 1200mm lengths required. Quick-Fix just sits right over the metal pool wall, and is secured by the top rail. No special fasteners are required, and it really does make liner replacements a real snap!

Abgal quick fix retainer

Grey in colour, this PVC capping is used to secure a standard (Overlap style) above ground pool liner into the Quick Fix Retainer.
The overhang is wrapped around the capping, then pushed together to fasten into place. The liner can be adjusted up and down to suit the wall height, and no access to the back of the pool wall is required.

This system comes complete with the black track and grey capping and is ideal for all new above ground pools which are, or may be decked in, as it allows for a liner to be changed with no access the back of the pool wall.

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