Saltmate 150 Chlorinator is suitable for fibreglass pools. If your pool is concrete a self-cleaning unit is recommended as the cells will build up with calcium deposits very quickly and very regular cleaning would be required, reducing the life of the cell.

Saltmate 150 Chlorinator Benefits and Features

  • 12-volt pool light transformer included.
  • Set & forget the time clock.
  • Highest quality materials.
  • Australian made.
  • Mineral salt compatible.
  • Adjustable chlorine control.
  • Chlorine meter.
  • Water-resistant casing.
  • Highest quality & highest production cell.
  • Resettable circuit breaker.
  • Over salt protection.
  • Cell safety gas trap.
  • Cell on/off switch.
  • Flow sensitive switch.
  • Optional battery backup timer.

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