At the heart of every pristine pool lies a Saltmate Chlorinator the epitome of quality, functionality, and longevity. Step into a world where your pool care worries dissolve, leaving you with a tranquil oasis to relish. Saltmate, the name synonymous with excellence, presents a range of chlorinators that redefine pool maintenance.

Crafted for Excellence: Saltmate Chlorinators set the gold standard, boasting an exceptional fusion of top-tier materials, unwavering quality, and unparalleled performance. Designed for lasting endurance, these chlorinators elevate your pool experience, sparing you the inconvenience of constant upkeep and expenditure.

Effortless Perfection: Unleash the full potential of your pool with Saltmate's cutting-edge chlorinators. Our systems effortlessly ensure optimal chlorine levels, while the ingenious self-cleaning cell takes care of the rest. Bid farewell to red eyes, irritated skin, and chlorine-induced interruptions. Dive into soft, invigorating waters that promise countless moments of joy.

Designed for Your Convenience: Installation is a breeze, whether you're upgrading an existing pool or embarking on a new aquatic adventure. Saltmate Chlorinators seamlessly integrate with your filtration setup, eliminating the need for additional modifications. Embrace the future of pool care without compromise.

Australian Craftsmanship, Global Excellence: Hailing from the shores of Australia, Saltmate Chlorinators are forged to withstand the harshest elements. Encased in robust, water-resistant metal, our chlorinators defy the elements with an IP34 rating, ensuring unyielding protection against nature's fury.

Engineered for Efficiency: Saltmate's saltwater electrolytic cells are a marvel of engineering. Crafted from premium-grade materials, these cells exhibit exceptional production capacity and high flow rates. Polarity reversal thwarts calcium buildup, a testament to our commitment to minimal maintenance and enduring performance.

Saltmate RP20 Self Clean Chlorinator Details

  • Suits pools up to 100,000 litres.
  • Easy installation on new and existing pools
  • Reverse Polarity self-cleaning electrodes
  • Inbuilt timer controls pool pump and chlorinator - set and forget
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • Australian made
  • Fully adjustable chlorine control
  • Mineral salt compatible
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Chlorine output monitor
  • Over salt protection
  • Cell safety gas trap
  • Call on/off switch
  • Flow sensitive switch
  • Optional Battery backup timer
  • Optional 12v pool light transformer

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