Saltmate RP40 Self Cleaning chlorinator suits pools up to and over 180,000 litres. Self-cleaning. This model should be used on very large pools or if you are in a warmer climate or have the water heated.

Saltmate RP40 Self Clean Chlorinator Benefits and Features

  • Suitable for pools up to 220,000 litres.
  • Chlorine output: 55gm/hr.
  • Self-cleaning cell.
  • Set and forget the time clock.
  • Quality construction using high-grade materials.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Mineral salt compatible.
  • Adjustable chlorine control.
  • Chlorine output monitor.
  • Water-resistant casing.
  • Highest quality & highest production cell.
  • Resettable circuit breaker.
  • Over salt protection.
  • Cell safety gas trap.
  • Cell on/off switch.
  • Flow sensitive switch.
  • Optional battery backup timer.

Chlorinator warranty that you can trust

Saltmate offers a reliable warranty on their self-cleaning chlorinators. The warranty extends to the power pack and also the electrodes. Saltmate offers a Two-year full warranty on powerpack and electrolytic cells followed by a further three years pre-rate warranty on electrolytic cells.

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  • Brand:               Saltmate
  • Model:               RP40
  • SKU:                  PSMRP40
  • Pool size:          Up to 220,000L

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