The SensaClear Media Filter has been   specifically designed for simple operation, high performance, easy maintenance and long term reliability. The highly efficient lateral system provides maximum water flow ensuring crystal clear and clean water year after year.

SensaClear 21″ Media Filter details

  • Quality 6-way multi-port valve, for easy control, featuring an integrated sight glass and liquid-filled pressure gauge.
  • Robust A.B.S barrel unions, making installation and maintenance easy.
  • Cylindrical shape, provides the most efficient filtration operation with up to 370 kPa operating pressure.
  • UV stabilised tank, filament wound fibreglass construction with an internal liner for exceptional strength, UV resistance and long life.
  • Large media area, ensures water is exposed to maximum media surface area for superior filtration performance and efficient backwashing.

Comes with a 40mm Clamp-down Down Multiport Valve. (Media not included)

Filter Specifications 

Max Flow Rate: 192lpm 
Max Flow Rate: 12 m3/h


Diameter: 534mm 
Height: 867mm including MPV 

Media Required 

Sand: 85kg 
Glass: 45kg (fine) 30kg (coarse) 


Tank: 10 years 
MPV: 3 years 
Infield: 1 year

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