The SensaHeat ES Series Heat pumps are within the SensaHeat entry-level range.

The smart WiFi control allows you to operate your pool heat pump from anywhere. You can now turn the heat pump on while you are at work, or turn it off to save on power.

SensaHeat ES Series Heat Pump details:

  • Choose from: 9kw, 13kw, 16kw, 20kw, 24kw
  • Top Discharge air outlet - greater space saving
  • Ultelises Inverter Technology to draw less energy
  • Super Quiet operation - sound levels as low as a fridge
  • Reverse cycle for pool heating and cooling
  • Touch control
  • Wifi-enabled. Control your heat pump from your smartphone
  • Titanium heat exchange
  • Anti-corrosion ABS/Aluminium casing
  • MitsubishiTwin-rotarycompressor
  • R32 Refrigerant (eco friendly)
  • Anti-corrosion Heat Changer with a 25 yr warranty

Pool Heat Pump with Inverter Technology

This pool heat pump featuresthe latest inverter technology for greater energy efficiency along with ultra-quiet operation. The industry-leading inverter gives you trouble-free operation with a focus on enhanced performance and ultra-quiet functionality.

Heater Sizing Guide

20,000L 40,000L 60,000L 80,000L
Brisbane 9-13kW 9-13kW 13-17kW 20-21kW
Sydney 9-13kW 13kW 20-21kW 24-28kW
Melbourne 13kW 20-21kW 28kW 35kW
Canberra 13kW 20-21kW 28kW 35kW
Hobart 13kW 20-21kW 28kW 35kW
Adelaide 13kW 16-17kW 24-28kW 35kW
Perth 9-13kW 16-17kW 21-24kW 28kW

These values are calculated using the average temperature, humidity and wind speed in the locationlisted.

The above table lists sizes for an extended season (Sept-April) with a swimming temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Calculations are based on average pool dimensions for an in-ground poolusing a cover with a run time of 10 hours a day with an average wind exposure and standard shading.

This table is to be used as a guide only.


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