Super Shock N Swim from LoChlor

This is a rapid and effective non-chlorine shock treatment suitable for your spa or pool. Quickly eliminating the build up of organic matter including body oils and body fats, urine, leaves and dirt. Successfully breaking down these contaminants will reduce combined chlorine build-up and enhance the effectiveness of your water sanitation.

Benefits of Lochlor Shock N Swim

  • Non-chlorine shock treatment for pools, spas, hot tubs, ornamental ponds and fountains
  • Eliminates the build up of oilsand body fats which can cause itchy skin, sore eyes and smelly water
  • Reduces and Eliminates combines chlorine levels in pools and spas.
  • Ensures sanitiseris able to perform to maximum efficiency
  • Pool or spa may be used 15 minutes after treatment
  • Excellent Oxidiser for Ionised and Nature 2 Pools and Spas.
  • Contains Clarifing agent for sparkling clear water.
  • Economical and Easy to use
  • Active Constituent:: Coated Sodium Carbonate. Peroxide Compound

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