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  • Weatherproof transformer 12 Volt - 200 VA.
  • Protection rating IP23 with a re-settable overload.
  • Wall mounted by two external screws and with a plugtop for easy installation.
  • Additional 240vac socket mounted in the base of the transformer allows chaining of transformers, minimizing installation costs for multiple lights.
  • Can be used to power 2x100 watt Halogen Lights or 1 x 150 watt halogen.
  • Heavy duty.

New Australian electrical safety standards are now out since late 2008 regarding multiple lights connected to one transformer. You can no longer connect multiple lights to a single transformer if the transformer has only one outlet for this. e.g. You can no longer connect 3 x LED lights to one 100watt transformer.

All our Spa Electrics transformers comply with the Australia Standards.

The 25VA transformeris designed for 1 x LED light
The 50VA transformer is designed for 2 x LED lights and is clearly labelled on the low voltage terminal indicating "Light one" & Light two".
The 100VA transformer is designed for 1 x Halogen 100w light.
The 200VA transformer is designed for 2 x Halogen 100wlight.

As an example, 3 x LED lights will require 1 x 35VA transformer & 1 x 70VA transformer, or 4 x LED lights will require 2 x 70VA transformers.

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