O2 Vortex 400 spa filter kit.

2 X 400 Pleated and 1 X 400 Purezone

O2 Spas/Vortex 400 PureZone Filter Cartridge.
Has a closed flat top and the bottom has a fine thread spigot.
Filter dimensions: Height- 210mm (not including spigot), Width- 127mm, Spigot ID- 37mm.

For Spas manufactured after August 2010

May also suit some other spas such as Escape spas and Lifestyle spas. Suits the spas that use a total of 3 filters.

If you use Spa Poppit chemicals, this filter may get blocked very quickly. We recommend in this case that you use the3 x pleated filters here...

Some existing Purezone filters may be brown in colour. These are replaced with the blue ones.

Each spa has 1 x Purezone filter and 2 x pleated cartridge filters.

For O2 / Vortex / Arcadia spas

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