Genuine Watermaid XT300 cell. Note the moulded threads. If your cell has glued on unions on the ends, you'll need theQT300

Do not get this cell mixed up with the QT300 cell. This XT300 cell housing is a moulded 1 piece cell housing including the threads. The QT300 has glued on unions on each end of the housing.

NOTE: All these XT300 cells sold into South Australia were slightly longer at 36cm long and were called the SC300.Select this model if required. All other states used 33cm long cells.

The XT300 cells also uses 50mm pipe sizes connecting to the cell. Installations can still use 40mm plumbing, however reducers will be fitted to the cells unions.

Watermaid Genuine cells are click and collect only, we do not ship them.

These cells can connect to the power supply by screwing the wires into the junction box or the later models have a plug in connection. Select the correct style from the drop down list.

*** Important Note on pipe sizes ***
40mm pipe has an approx Outside Diameter of 48mm
50mm pipe has an approx Outside Diameter of 60mm


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