Robotic Pool Cleaner WonderBrush Pair. Part No 9995560-ASSY

Genuine Maytronics Part

If you need to replace both front and back, you'll need to order 2 x pair.


  • Revolution III PVC
  • Dolphin Pro-X2 CB
  • Dolphin Blue Line ProX 2 CB
  • Dolphin Wave 100 CB
  • Dolphin C5 CB (TH)
  • Trident Plus CB
  • Dolphin Supreme M400 CB
  • Trident Pro CB
  • Dolphin Bio PVC
  • Dolphin Supreme M500 CB
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty CB
  • Davey Optima Plus Liberty CB
  • Trident Liberty CB
  • Dolphin DB3 CB
  • EcoBot DX5 CB (SA)
  • Dolphin Swash-X TC CB
  • Dolphin Wave 75 CB

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