Pool Cover Rollers

Pool Cover Rollers make it easy to evenly spread your pool cover across your pool. Our range of rollers is affordable with quality construction to ensure long-lasting usage. We have High-Quality rollers available for smaller pools up to 7.3 x 3.6 meters, through to larger pool sizes of 18.0 x 6.1 meters. Plus we keep a handy above ground pool adapter kit. 

Do I need a roller for my pool cover?

While you don’t need a roller for your pool cover, you will certainly want one. A solar pool cover can be heavy and difficult to manage. A pool cover roller takes away the difficulty of applying and removing the pool blanket.

Power pool roller covers

Now, you can retrofit your pool cover roller. The simple solar-powered pool cover roller kit turns a standard roller into a powered one. Once attached, the kit will allow you to roll up your cover in minutes at the press of a button. 



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