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How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

When it comes to keeping your pool clean Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most efficient and easy-to-use options. This article will give you some tips for finding the perfect Robotic pool cleaner for your pool. Below we outline what you should consider before making your robotic pool cleaner purchase

Pool Surface and Size

When it comes to picking the right Robotic pool cleaner for your pool you need to consider your pool size and what your pool surface is made of. Most Robotic cleaners these days can handle most pool surfaces. For tiles and fibreglass try finding something with a soft, PVA brush. For other surfaces, rubber PVC brushes will be perfect.

Robotic pool cleaners come with a fixed cable length. Your chosen cleaner needs to have enough cable to reach the furthest point of your pool for the power supply. For above-ground pools, you need to consider both the length and the height.

Wall Climbing Ability

Many new robotic cleaners do a great job of cleaning the pool floor, walls and waterline. This helps to keep ontop of any algae outbreaks. However, not all Robotic cleaners can clean pool walls.

If you choose a robotic cleaning without a wall cleaning function, you will need to manually brush your pool walls. In turn, the cleaner will be able quickly vacuum up the debris at the bottom of the pool.

Power type

Pay close attention to how the robotic cleaner is powered. Some use a long power cable that floats and swivels as the robotic cleaner maneuvers itself around the pool. While more advanced cleaners will utilise a battery power operation. This is handy if you do not have any spare power outlets available.

Filter Size

Many robotic cleaner brands offer various filter size options. This is usually measured in microns. If your pool collects pollen, dust and other fine particles then a dual or fine filter cartridge will be your best choice. This size filter will pick up these fine particles from your pool floor and contain them within the robot's filter.

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