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Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Pool Cleaner not working?

If you have noticed that your pool cleaner is not as effective as it used to be, then it may need some maintenance or repair. Many parts of a suction pool cleaner are replaceable, ensuring you get many years of good use out of them.

Our troubleshooting guide outlines the most common pool cleaner issues, how to identify them and how to overcome them

Reasons why a suction pool cleaner is not performing correctly:

  • Is the filter clean? A dirty or blocked filter will seriously affect the performance of any cleaner. Sand should be changed every 5-6 years, and cartridge elements every 3-4 years, sometimes earlier. If in doubt try the cleaner with the sand filter on "By-Pass" or remove the cartridge element completely and see if this fixes the issue.
  • Are the skimmer & pump leaf baskets clean? Check for splits in the baskets as well. A split basket can cause debris to get caught in the pump impellor reducing water flow.
  • Periodically inspect parts for wear. The flexi-foot, disc, and defector wheel are the most critical. As the disc wears, it begins to curl at the outer edges. When the depth of the channels between the treads on the flexi-foot is 3mm or less, replace the flexi-foot
  • Is debris blocking the passage through the cleaner or jamming the flapper valve? If so, you may be able to remove the debris from the bottom of the cleaner using a finger. Remove all debris and rinse.
  • Check or listen for a leaking/split hose and replace it as necessary.
  • For diaphragm cleaners, remove and inspect the diaphragm. Carefully check for splits and replace if necessary.
  • Make sure the hose weight is in the correct position. VERY IMPORTANT! The cleaner should be sitting flat on the pool bottom.
  • Check your vacuum plate. Make sure it is in the correct way and sealing correctly around the outside and is not cracked.
  • Adjust the speed control valve as necessary. TIP: Optimising water flow does not mean maximizing flow through the cleaner. Excessive suction may make your cleaner hug the base or the pool walls. In fact, to ensure a random pattern of travel that will enable the pool cleaner to reach all areas of the pool, it is better to use less suction, not more.
  • If your cleaner does not go to the opposite end of the pool, try adjusting the return eyeballs up and away from the cleaner. The water pressure can force the cleaner away from this end. You can also add 1 or 2 extra lengths of hose. Also, try twisting the hose lengths 1/2 a turn where they join. This will alter the random pattern. Any cleaner depends very much on the hose and how it's set up & connected to determine its pattern on the pool floor.
  • Remove your Automatic Pool Cleaner from the pool before chemical 'shock' treatments, and only reinstall it after a minimum of four hours.
  • Reasons for the pool cleaner constantly flipping over:... The most common reason the pool cleaners flip over is incorrect suction flow check the swivel on the cleaner to clear any jams.

If you follow the above points your cleaner should perform to its optimum.

NOTE: Due to the harsh environment in which your pool cleaner operates, your Automatic Pool Cleaner may discolour during normal use over a period of time - this however will not affect the cleaning performance of your unit

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