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Signs You Need To Replace Your Suction Cleaner Diaphragm

In this article, we will help you identify and replace your damaged suction cleaner diaphragm.

What is a Suction cleaner diaphragm?

The suction cleaner diaphragm is the part inside your pool cleaner that makes it move. It is important to note, that not all suction-based cleaners have a diaphragm, some are mechanical, some have a flapper valve and some even use a hard plastic hammer mechanism. Most Zodiac Baracuda-style suction cleaners will use a diaphragm.

How does a Suction cleaner diaphragm work?

A suction cleaner diaphragm works in a way similar to a heart valve. Your pool pumps suck the diaphragm nearly shut until enough water pressure builds to force it open again. This release of pressure causes the cleaner to “jump” and then the force of the return jet pushes it in a particular direction.

Common issues that can arise when the diaphragm isn’t working?

If your pool cleaner diaphragm isn’t working properly, the main issue you’ll notice is that your pool cleaner probably isn’t moving.

How to determine if there is a tear in your diaphragm?

Once your suction stops working to its full capacity it's time to check your diaphragm. You should be able to visually see the tear.

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