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Does a Pool Cleaner Work Under a Pool Cover

Now more than ever, pool owners are turning to pool covers to conserve water and keep their pool water at an optimum swimming temperature.

Below we will try to answer all your Pool cover questions that you may have.

Pool Cover Frequently asked questions:

Question: Which way up does a solar pool cover go?

Answer: This is actually such a common question, so don’t feel silly for wondering which side of the pool cover should be in the water. The bubble side should be to the water

Question: Does a pool cover help prevent ducks?

Answer: As gorgeous as ducks can be, they can be a pool owner’s worst nightmare. You will be pleased to know that a pool cover does work as a great duck deterrent

Question: Can a pool cleaner still operate under a pool cover?

Answer: Yes, it sure can. In fact, your pool will operate as normal with a pool cover. The blanket will not get in the way of the cleaner’s operation - regardless of the type of pool cleaner you own (suction or robotic). The hose lays under the water so that it can operate without bothering the cover.

Question: Does my pool cover promote algae growth?

A pool cover will increase your pool water temperature, and provide more optimal conditions for algae to grow. However, if your water has been chlorinated correctly then you should not have any algae problems. We discuss pool covers and algae further on the blog.

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