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Does Adding a Pool Blanket Promote Algae Growth?

It’s not hard to understand why pool owners do everything they can to avoid an algae outbreak in their pool. Once algae takes hold, it can quickly spread and take over your pool.

What causes algae in pools?

Pool algae are ultimately the result of favorable growth conditions. These conditions include:

  • Low chlorine levels
  • Warm water
  • A food source (phosphates)

Algae is a pest organism that is always present (even a teeny, tiny microscopic levels) ready to bloom in the conditions that are right.

In general, it is easy to control algae however if you experience prolonged rainfall, excess runoff into your pool, and warm conditions - these will all predispose you to algae growth

Does a pool cover promote algae growth?

A pool cover will help to retain pool water temperature. However, if you are maintaining chlorine levels you should not have an issue with algae.

Using a solar pool cover will not make your pool go green. However, if you are having an algae issue then the warmer water can accelerate algae growth.

How do I fix my algae problem?

A green pool indicates a high concentration of Algae. Algae can become resistant to normal levels of chlorine and can then breed rapidly if the conditions are right.

In order to kill off stubborn algae, you should:

  1. Ensure your chlorine levels are correct and that your chlorinator is working properly
  2. Test for phosphates
  3. Use an algae starver to kill the algae’s food source
  4. Filter the pool for longer to remove algae spores

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