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4 Steps to Floccing your pool

In this article, we will discuss just how easy it is to tackle your green and murky pool. By following this simple step by step process we’ve laid out for you. These steps will help you get your pool from swampy to crystal clear, ready for your next pool party.

What is a pool floc?

A Pool Flocculant, also known as a Pool floc, is a strong and fast acting chemical that removes small particles from your pool that has to lead to it becoming unswimmable. These small particles usually consist of bacterias, algae spores, viruses and microscopic debris. The Flocculant attracts all of these particles clumping them together making them heavy enough that they lay on the bottom of your pool ready to be sucked up by a vacuum transforming your pool back to its sparkling, clear glory.

When you should floc your pool

A Pool Floc is the perfect option for the person on a time crunch. Got a pool party in a few days? A flocculant is fast acting and will have your pool back up and running within a matter of hours.

As well as the benefit of the time frame, if you cant see the bottom of your pool then we recommend opting for the heavy duty floc in comparison to its counterpart, a Pool Clarifier. The floc is more effective in collecting all of the small particles giving your pool no chance to fight back and stay cloudy.
( We do not recommend using pool floc if you do not have the equipment to manually vacuum the water to waste. Also, do not use floc if you have a cartridge filter without a waste line.)

The fastest way to floc your pool water

Now that we know what a flocculent is and when to gravitate toward one let's get into these four easy steps.

  1. Let's check those PH levels. Make sure your PH level is at about 7.0 to 7.6, this will help your sanitizer be its most effective during this process.
  2. Time to add the floc. Reading the direction on the back of your preferred flocculent you will be able to determine how much diluting it will need. Once diluted pour the diluted floc around the edges of the pool.
  3. Turn your pump onto recirculate and let it run for a few hours. This will help disperse the flocculent around the pool. After a few hours turn the pump off and leave the floc to do its job for at least 8 hours.
  4. Now that the flocculent has done its job it's time to vacuum up the debris that's settled on the bottom of the pool.

After following these steps you can go back to admiring your reflection in your crystal clear water.

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