Pool General

Pool Running Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Run My Pool? With the cost of energy rising rapidly, many pool owners & would-be pool owners, are hesitant to run the pool for...
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What To Do if Your Pool is Overflowing

The below pool advice is suitable if you are currently experiencing a deluge of rain in your area and your swimming pool is about to or is currently overflowing. If you have more rain on the way, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the water levels and to continue running your chlorinator. Once the rain has abated we...
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New Pool Start Up procedure

How to start up your brand new pool You should get yourself a good-quality test kit or test strips before filling your pool with water Firstly check a sample of the town water supply which had not been in to the pool, just straight from the tap. Note the Chlorine, pH & Total Alkalinity Start filling your pool. Then after 24 hours...
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