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Pool Running Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Run My Pool?

With the cost of energy rising rapidly, many pool owners & would-be pool owners, are hesitant to run the pool for the necessary time, or to even install that dream pool in the first place.

However, armed with the right information, there are HUGE savings available with the latest array of energy-efficient pool products on the market.

Swimming pools & spas can use a lot of energy. A swimming pool will typically use around 2000kWh - 3000kWh of electricity per year depending on the type & size of the pump, how long the pump is run for each day & if the pool is heated.

Running costs are typically between $600.00 & $1500.00 per year at 2022 prices.

A typical backyard swimming pool using a 1100 watt pool pump can add up to 17% to an electricity bill. This cost can be offset by installing solar panels, which can also add value to the house. The cost of a 1.5kw home solar power installation can be recouped in around five to six years through electricity savings, then after that the system will go on and save thousands of dollars over its life.

Working on an average peak electricity tariff of 30 cents per hour, the average pool pump will cost 22.5 - 45 cents per hour to run. A Salt Chlorinator uses 0.12 - 0.2kw per hour and will cost 3.6 - 6 cents per hour to run.

How to save money on your pool

Running your pool pump after 10 pm will cost much less as this is when off-peak power usually starts in most areas.

Changing over to the latest ECO multi-speed pump will save $100's dollars per year. A standard pool pump only runs at one speed & cannot be adjusted. The ECO pumps typically have three speeds. With the ability to adjust these speeds with a simple touch of a button, you can save up to 60% in running costs.
The three buttons are: ECO-MID-BOOST. Eco mode is used most of the time for normal filtering. Mid is used for pool cleaning & Boost is used for backwashing.

Running the pump for longer periods at low speeds will reduce power consumption.

For example, if the speed is halved, the flow is halved, but the power consumption drops to one-quarter. Even at 50% RPM, an ECO pump will turn over 50,000L in four hours.

At 30 cents KWH a 1.5HP pump can cost around $1000.00 per year to run (8 hours per day running), whereas the ECO pump, using low speed can cost as little as $80.00 per year (12 hrs per day running)!

The next best thing for reducing your pool running costs is by installing a pool blanket.

A good quality blanket will..

  • Warm the water
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Keep pool cleaner
  • Swim longer
  • Reduce evaporation
  • Save chemicals

Invest In a Robotic Pool Cleaner

A suction cleaner will put extra strain & load on a typical pool pump too. (More load = higher running cost and shorter life) The latest electric robotic pool cleaners operate independently of the pool's filtration. They are a "plug & play" machine, that you simply plug into a power point (they use a transformer that converts the power down to a safe voltage) & drop into the pool. Normal cleaning cycles are around three hours when they will automatically turn off. Some models will climb & scrub the walls too. After the cycle is completed, remove the cleaner from the pool & store away until next time. Plus you don't see an ugly-looking cleaner constantly in your pool!

In conclusion, if you update your old pump with a multi-speed ECO pump and use a pool blanket, invest in a robotic pool cleaner, you will save you $100's of dollars in power saving, reduce chemical usage, use less water, less maintenance, free water heating & you'll be able to use the pool longer! After all, your pool is a major investment and the most use and less it will cost is always beneficial.

Other useful tips to reduce your pool running costs

  • Pool stabilisers like Lochlor Instant Sunscreen save you money on chlorine. Sunscreen makes the chlorine in your pool last longer, protecting your pool water from UV rays that prematurely damage chlorine.
  • Clean your filter regularly to keep your pool's filtration rate at optimal levels, saving you money on chemicals. Simply clean both of your pool filter cartridges regularly by hosing the filter and backwashing media cartridges.
  • Test your pool water regularly to check that the pool chemistry is balanced. Regular testing prevents major problems which can result in having to spend more money on chemicals to bring the pool chemistry back into a healthy range.
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