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What To Do if Your Pool is Overflowing

The below pool advice is suitable if you are currently experiencing a deluge of rain in your area and your swimming pool is about to or is currently overflowing. If you have more rain on the way, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the water levels and to continue running your chlorinator. Once the rain has abated we recommend testing your water and balancing the levels as required. If this is a little confusing, take a sample of pool water into your local pool shop for a thorough analysis.

What to do if your pool is overflowing

  1. Turn off your pool pump and turn your filter to waste. Turn your pump back on
    1. If you have a cartridge filter, use your three-way valve to pump your water to waste
  2. Let your pool water drain to the ¾ mark on your skimmer box
  3. Turn the pump off and turn the filter back to its normal filter line
  4. Run your chlorinator for 24 hours or as required to restore chlorine levels
  5. Test your water and balance as required

What do I do if my pool pump has been underwater?

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence during floods. We recommend you safely unplug it from the power source and turn it off. From there you will need to allow your pump motor to dry out thoroughly before turning it back on. This can take between 36-72 hours.

Will I need to prime my pump before turning it back on?

If your pump still holds its prime, then you will not need to pre-prime the pump. If the pump does not hold its prime, or if you have had to remove it from its fixed location to dry it out, then you will have to pre-prime the pump before turning it back on.

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