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How to maintain your pool hose

Keep your pool hoses in top condition with our maintenance tips

Pool hoses don’t require much maintenance, the main thing to consider would be making sure you don’t leave it out in direct sunlight so the pvc doesn’t break down and become brittle.

If you’ve got a suction-based automatic pool cleaner that lives in your pool most of the time, you should make sure your chlorine isn’t above ~3ppm for extended periods of time. This will not only help the longevity of the hose but also any other pool equipment

Finally, if the hose ever hardens a bit and gets some shape memory, running hot soapy water through the length of the hose can help soften the pvc again and get rid of the shape memory.

Pool Hose parts

There may come a time when you need to purchase some pool hose parts - particularly for a manual vacuum hose.

If your pool hose develops a split, it is important that you fix this sooner rather than later. Instead of replacing the hose, you can fix it very quickly and cheaply. To do this, you will need to cut out the damaged section and use a hose joiner to reconnect the good sections of the hose.

Automatic vacuum hoses they’re normally short sections that have unique connections on the end, meaning that if a connector or a length of hose is ever damaged you simply replace the length of the hose. These hoses are available for purchase in our spare parts.

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