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How to Vacuum Your Pool

Despite all the modern pool automations available, there are times when you may need to clean your pool manually with a pool vacuum. Although it has to be said, there are many people who prefer this method of pool cleaning and choose to manually vacuum their pool daily, instead of using suction or robotic pool cleaner.

This article will outline how to use a pool vacuum - for anyone who has not had to do this before.

What you need to vacuum your pool:

Whilst the vast majority of pools will need the following equipment for vacuuming, it’s worth noting there are some exceptions (such as Bestway pools)

Filter settings for vacuuming a pool:

Most of the time, when you need to vacuum your pool, you should simply vacuum with your sand filter set to filter. However, if you’re dealing with a very dirty pool, vacuuming algae, floccing your pool or dealing with very fine dust, it’s a good idea to vacuum with your filter set to waste. This is because the waste setting bypasses the filter entirely and sends the water straight out your backwash line, meaning the stuff never goes through the filter media - maintaining its clean condition.

How to vacuum a pool step by step

  1. Connect your vacuum head to your telescopic pole and vacuum hose.
  2. Put your vacuum plate in your skimmer box (it should just be loosely sitting there at this stage)
  3. Put the vacuum head into the water and feed the hose into the water to force all air out of the house and prime it with water
  4. Pull the other end of the vacuum hose into the skimmer box and connect it to the vacuum plate, then place the vacuum plate on top of the skimmer basket (for some skimmer box models, the plate will sit sort of loosely as it relies on the suction of the pump to form a proper seal. If necessary you can weigh the vacuum plate down with a rock or brick until the pump comes on to keep it in place)
  5. Turn on the pump
  6. Slowly push the vacuum head around the pool. If you develop any suction issues you may need to check and clean your skimmer basket
  7. Once the pool is cleaned, turn off the pump and disconnect the hose from the vacuum plate and pull your cleaning equipment out of the pool.

How to connect a pool vacuum hose

The vast majority of pool vacuum hoses should just push straight onto the vacuum head and push directly into the vacuum plate. Make sure that you always prime the hose by feeding it into the water before connecting it to the vacuum plate. If yours doesn’t do this for whatever reason, it should’ve come with special fittings or may not be a standard 38mm pool vacuum hose. Some 38mm vacuum hoses may require purchasing the hose cuffs separately.

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