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Your Guide to Skimmer Baskets

In this article, we outline everything you need to know about your skimmer basket!

A skimmer basket is a basket that sits in your pool's skimmer box. It’s the first step in the water filtration process, being the primary method for catching any sort of physical debris that flows into your pool, such as leaves, sticks, rubbish, etc.

How does your Skimmer basket work?

They’re simply a plastic basket with holes in it. They’re designed to allow water through but to catch physical debris. Additionally, they’re designed to crack under pressure if your skimmer basket gets too full, so that water can get through and your pump doesn’t run dry. As much as it can be annoying sometimes which would you rather replace, a $30 basket or a $500 pump.

Do you really need a skimmer basket?

Yes absolutely, your skimmer basket is responsible for catching most of the physical debris that flows into your pool. Whilst most pool pumps also have a filter basket in them, that is only designed to be a secondary catchment basket, relying on ONLY your pump basket increases the risk of your pump accidentally running dry and burning out.

How to pick out a skimmer basket to suit?

You have to pick the skimmer basket that is designed for your skimmer box, none of the others will fit. There aren’t really different types to choose from, it's just about making sure you get the one for your skimmer box. I.e. if you have the Poolrite S2500 Skimmer Box you need the Poolrite S2500 Skimmer Basket. Can’t mix and match.

Why is there no suction in my pool skimmer?

Here are just a few of the reasons that may be the cause of your poor suction

  • Full skimmer/pump basket.
  • Dirty Filter.
  • Air leak.
  • Automatic pool cleaner stuck to the floor or clogged.

How often do you need to clean out your skimmer basket?

How long is a piece of string? If your pool gets heaps of leaves in it you’re obviously going to have to clean your skimmer basket a lot more often than if your pool gets basically none. Additionally, some skimmer baskets are much larger than others which will also obviously affect how often they need to be cleaned. My advice would be to probably check your skimmer at the very least once a week to see how full it is, and potentially check more often if you find you need to.

How to clean your skimmer basket?

Just empty it out into a garbage bag. It shouldn’t normally be necessary but if necessary give it a hose out as well.

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