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Can I Reuse a Pool Liner

Unfortunately, the simple answer is NO - a vinyl liner can never be reused.

Why? Well vinyl liners shrink, and they shrink extremely fast once water is removed. They shrink to such an extent that it will be impossible to stretch the liner across the pool.

You will need a new pool liner if you buy a second hand pool or move house with your above ground pool

The reason for wanting to reuse a liner in the first place would be if you are moving house and want to take the above-ground pool with you, or if you no longer want the pool and wish to sell it. Either way, you will need to replace the liner, so be aware if you are buying a second-hand pool, you will need to add the cost of a new liner to the cost of the pool.

If you want to take down a pool and move it to a new location then the liner most likely will not be able to be reused either. However if you are attempting to reuse an old liner in a different pool then that is even less likely to happen. The liner will already have holes cut into it for the skimmer and returns and there is virtually zero chance that the new pool orientation will line up properly to these existing cutouts in the liner. Even moving the same pool can result in these holes no longer lining up well enough.

What if you don't want to use my pool for an extended time?

Leave the pool full. It will be far cheaper for you to keep the water filtered, even if you run the pump for 1 hour a day than to replace the liner when it comes time to use the pool again. Long-life algaecides are available that will keep your pool clear over the winter period

Use Australian Made Pool Liners.

Another word of advice is to only use good quality Australian made liners. These will last you a minimum of 10 years easily when looked after correctly. Foreign made liners are known to split down the welds after short periods of time, fade faster and not fit correctly.

Here at Direct Pool Supplies, we only supply the highest quality AUSTRALIAN MADE pool liners.

We have liners available for all the common shapes, colour choices and sizes for all the popular above ground pools. View our extensive range here...

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