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How to Measure a Liner for an Above Ground Pool

In this article, we outline how to measure a liner for your above-ground pool.

Tips and Tricks

  • Knowing the brand of your pool is important as some brands can be slightly different from others. If you are unable to remember the brand look for a logo on the pool coping or connecting plates, and email us a photo as we may be able to identify the brand for you from that.
  • If you still have the manual or know where you bought it from we don't have to bother climbing around your pool with a tape measure to figure out its dimensions; the measurements should be listed in your paperwork.
  • If you inherited the pool from previous owners or you didn't keep the paperwork, get out that tape measure and a notepad. All Liner measurements are to be taken on the inside of the wall.

How to Measure Round Pools

For round pools, your measurement is straightforward. Just get in the pool and measure from one side to the other along the bottom from where the wall and floor meet. Measure in at least two places to ensure you've got the right measurement.

How to Measure Oval Pools

For an oval pool, measure from the center of the long end to the center of the other end, and then measure across the middle (the shorter distance). This is generally across from post to post. Ensure all measurements are taken from the inside of the walls.

With oval pools, there can be more of a chance of a bowed wall, so be sure to take the measurements from both the top and the bottom of the pool wall. Measure the width at two different points, and round up if necessary.

How to Measure Keyhole Pools

It's most important we know the brand of the pool for a Keyhole shaped liner. All we will need is the length of the pool and if it is a flat bottom or a deep end. All the common-sized liners we supply will suit a wall height of 1.37m high with sufficient overhang allowed.

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