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What is Spa Shock and How To Use It

If you are new to owning a spa or hot tub then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with how to keep it sanitised. Below we will be describing the use of Spa Shock, how to use and also when you should use it. If you have any further questions, our staff is always happy to answer your spa maintenance questions

What is Spa Shock Treatment?

Spa Shock (or Oxy Shock) is a type of chemical called an oxidiser. Oxidisers help break down and remove organic matter in the spa by releasing it into the air. This then “reactivates” the sanitiser (usually Chlorine) in the spa allowing it to continue killing off harmful organisms in the water. Spa/Oxy Shock is not to be confused with chlorine, as they’re often referred to interchangeably. The Spa/Oxy Shock is used as an oxidizer for your spa, and not the sanitiser.

How to shock your spa

Shocking your spa is really easy and straightforward and requires two steps:

  1. Add the necessary amount of spa/oxy shock into the water
  2. Run the pump for an hour or two to mix it into the water.
  3. We would recommend waiting 1-2 hours before using the spa again, just so the shock can do its job properly
  4. See your specific spa/oxy shock for dosing instructions

When you should Shock your spa

You should shock your spa after you are done using it for a day. When people use their spa they bring a host of organic matter into the water that the sanitiser will bind to unless you use the oxidiser to remove it. Some sanitation methods, like Aquaspa, also tell you to add a weekly dose regardless of if you’ve used your spa or not.

Can you use too much shock?

Yes, although the consequences of doing so aren’t significant from over-shocking once or twice. The vast majority of spa/oxy shock products should only require a teaspoon per 1000L for regular, after use shocking. Make sure to follow the instructions on your particular spa shock for the best results.

What are the best shock treatments for your spa?

The best Spa/Oxy shock treatments are usually the chlorine free shocks. Whilst you CAN use chlorine as an oxidiser, you’d need a lot more of it than you do the chlorine free shocks. Some of the chlorine free shocks we recommend are OxyFresh & Aquaspa Spa Shock.

Can I use bromine with shock?

Yes, in fact, you’re supposed to. Bromine is an alternative sanitiser to chlorine and all the same benefits of using shock with chlorine apply to bromine. Just make sure you’re using a chlorine-free shock

Spa Shock vs sanitiser

Comparing Spa/Oxy Shock with Sanitiser is like comparing your car’s engine to the battery. Both chemicals are important to the proper health and maintenance of a spa, but they both serve different roles. Sanitiser kills off any harmful organisms in the water (such as algae or bacteria) and the oxidiser removes any organic waste left in the water by converting it into gas that is released into the air. This then releases the sanitiser molecules that bound themselves to the organic waste, allowing the sanitiser to keep killing off harmful organisms. Spa shock will certainly assist your sanitise to be more effective.

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