AquaSpa Spa Shock is a powerful non-chlorine oxidiser that is used to remove organic microparticles including body fat residues. These particles and residues cause cloudy or green water.

If used weekly in your Spa or Hot Tub, your water will stay clean and fresh. This item does not replace a sanitiser, please use a sanitiser in conjunction with this item.

Aquaspa Spa Shock details:

  • Size: 1Kg
  • Use spa shock after every use of your spa
  • non-chlorine oxidiser
  • Helps prevent water from becoming cloudy or green by removing organic microparticles and body fat residue
  • Chlorine-free
  • Comes in 500g, 1kgand 5kg options
  • The spa may be used 15 minutes after treatment.

Direction for use

  • Add a weekly 20mg dose of Spa Shock per 1000 Liters. Add an extra 2gm to this dose every 100 Liters over 1000 Liters

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