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Which Aquaspa Product Do You Need?

Are you looking for a smarter, healthier, and more sustainable way to maintain your spa? If so, the Aquaspa sanitisation system by Lo-Chlor is your one-stop solution. Developed in response to the rising demand for environmentally-friendly spa maintenance products, Aquaspa offers a full range of chlorine-free products based on PHMB. Read on to find out how you can benefit from adopting the Aquaspa system for a fuss-free, luxurious spa experience.

What's Inside the Aquaspa Product Lineup?

Aquaspa Sanitiser

Step One: The cornerstone of the Aquaspa range, this sanitiser offers a weekly treatment solution that is both chlorine and bromine-free. This ultra-effective formula ensures a clean and safe spa environment. Available in 2.5L and 5L sizes, this is your first step towards a revitalising spa experience.

Aquaspa Spa Shock

Step Two: This powerful spa shock treatment eliminates contaminants from your water. Available in 500g, 1kg, and 5kg sizes, it’s an indispensable part of your spa maintenance regime.

Aquaspa Spa Kleer

Step Three: To ensure crystal-clear water, reach for Aquaspa Spa Kleer. Choose from 500ml, 2.5L, and 5L sizes for pristine water clarity.

Aquaspa Chlorine Remover

When refilling your spa, it's crucial to use Aquaspa's Chlorine Remover to eliminate any traces of chlorine or bromine. Simply follow the instructions on the 500ml bottle for optimal results.

Aquaspa Antifoam

Say goodbye to unsightly foam. Just add two capfuls of this wonder product and let your pump do the rest. It’s so versatile, you can even use it in ponds and fountains. Available in 500ml and 5L containers.

Aquaspa Calcium Enhancer

Don’t let low calcium levels corrode your spa equipment or encourage algae growth. Based on your test strip results, this 500gm product helps maintain calcium at optimal levels.

Aquaspa pH Reducer

Combat high pH levels with our specially formulated 500g pH reducer.

Alkaline Enhancer

If your alkalinity levels are off, this 500g Alkaline Enhancer is your go-to solution. Simply follow the instructions to effortlessly adjust your water's alkalinity.

Aquaspa Filter Klenz

Experience sparkling clean filters with this 500ml instant cleaner. There's no need for lengthy soaking—just spray and go.

Aquaspa Pipe Klenz

Ensure optimal water flow by regularly cleaning your pipes with this powerful 500ml cleaner.

Aquaspa Spa Pad

Easily eliminate brown scum and residue from your spa with this versatile spa pad.

Aquaspa Start-Up Kit

First-time Aquaspa user? Save time and hassle by grabbing our comprehensive starter kit. It contains everything you need to hit the ground running with Aquaspa.

In Summary

With Aquaspa, you're investing in a sustainable and efficient sanitisation system that guarantees peace of mind and elevates your spa experience. Don't settle for anything less than the holistic, environmentally-friendly maintenance that Aquaspa offers. Make the switch today!

For more information, feel free to download our comprehensive guides or reach out to our experts. We're here to help you make the most of your spa experience in Australia.

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